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Aleksandra Torbica

Associate Professor
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Associate Professor at the Department of Social and Political Sciences and the Director of Centre for Research for Health and Social Care Management at Bocconi University. She holds the MSc degree in Health Economics, Management and Policy from Bocconi University and PhD in Economics and Management of Public Organisations from University of Parma. Her research interests revolve around the use and impact of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) on decision making in healthcare and methodological issues in estimating outcomes and costs of healthcare technologies/programmes/services; governance of healthcare systems and evaluation of public policy and programs. She is an active member of International Association of Health Economics (IHEA), European Health Economics Association (EuHEA), the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcome Research (ISPOR) and the member of Executive Committee of Italian Health Economics Association. Since 2017, she is the Co-Editor of Value in Health, one of the leading international journals in the field of health economics and health policy.