Covid Crisis Lab - Seminar Series - Talk by Nicola Perra

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COVID CRISIS LAB Seminar Series 2022 — Fall edition

Nicola Perra, "Modelling the spreading of the COVID-19 pandemic at different spatio-temporal scales"


In the talk, I will provide an overview of different approaches I have applied to model the unfolding of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects. In doing so, I will discuss the insights obtained by studying the initial phases of the pandemic, the first wave, and the vaccine rollout in the USA, Europe as well as Latin America. I will also discuss the key role of non-pharmaceutical interventions.


Nicola Perra serves as Reader in Applied Mathematics at Queen Mary University and as Economic Graph Researcher at LinkedIn. His research focuses on human dynamics, dynamical processes on complex networks, data analytics, and mathematical/digital epidemiology.


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