Covid Crisis Lab - Seminar Series - Talk by Daniela Paolotti

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COVID CRISIS LAB Seminar Series 2022 — Fall edition

Daniela Paolotti, "Participatory surveillance in the time of COVID-19"




Daniela Paolotti is a Senior Research Scientist at ISI Foundation, in Turin, Italy. She is part of the Data Science for Social Impact Research Area. She has a background in Physics (Bsc, MSc, Ph.D.). Her work has a strong interdisciplinary approach. For more than ten years, she has been working on applying tools from complex systems and networks science, applied mathematics, computer science, data science, behavioral sciences to study disease spreading from an epidemiological as well as social point of view. Since 2008, Daniela has been developing and coordinating a Europe-wide network of Web-based platforms for participatory surveillance of Influenza-like Illness.


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