Covid Crisis Lab - Seminar Series - Giulia Andrighetto

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COVID CRISIS LAB Seminar Series 2024 — Spring edition

Giulia Andrighetto, “Dynamics of social norms under collective risk” 



Global challenges like the climate crisis and pandemic outbreaks require collective responses that quickly adapt to changing circumstances. Social norms are potential solutions, but only if they are capable of adapting themselves. Despite a large literature showing the potential of social norms to promote cooperation in collective action problems, such as energy conservation, vaccine uptake or tax compliance, less is known about how social norms themselves are affected by the changing context, potentially compromising their effectiveness in solving dilemmas. In this talk, I will discuss the results of four recent studies, a long-term experiment, a replication of this long-term experiment conducted during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, an agent-based simulation to study the dynamics of social norms under collective risk and a long-term survey measuring social norms of distancing, how they change over time and their effect in promoting cooperation under risk. Taken together results from these studies show that it is not obvious that norms are effective solutions to deal with (changing) collective risk, since the norms themselves are affected by risk as well. If we want to leverage social norms to promote long-lasting cooperation, we need a better understanding of the feedback cycle between norms, risk, and behavior.


Giulia Andrighetto is a Research Director at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies of the National Research Council of Italy in Rome, where she is the coordinator of the Laboratory of Agent Based Social Simulation Laboratory of Agent Based Social Simulation (LABSS). She is also Adjunct Professor at the Institute for Analytical Sociology at Linkoping University and Senior Researcher at the Institute for Future Studies, Stockholm, Sweden. Her research focuses on the emergence, enforcement, change and decay of social norms and their effects on cooperation and conflicts. Her research topics include cooperation, altruism, honesty, as well as bad norms and misinformation. She uses theoretical and computational models, combined with on-line and laboratory experiments, and surveys to answer these and related questions about social norms. Giulia Andrighetto's work has been published in peer-reviewed journals such Nature Communications, Pnas Nexus, Social Forces, and Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. She has been the Principal Investigator of several projects, receiving funding from the European Commission, the Italian Research Council, the Swedish Research Council and the Wallenberg Foundation. She is currently the PI of the 5 years project NORMS@RISK, an interdisciplinary project aimed to investigate how norms can promote cooperation in collective action problems under risks (e.g., climate change, pandemics, natural disasters), funded by the Italian Science Fund (FIS) of the Ministry of University and Research (2024-2029).


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Dynamics of social norms under collective risk