Covid Crisis Lab - Seminar Series - CIVICA - Talk by Marton Karsai

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COVID CRISIS LAB Seminar Series 2022 — Fall edition

Marton Karsai, "Socioeconomic correlations in social and mobility networks and their change due to external shocks"


Socioeconomic segregation patterns in networks usually evolve gradually, yet they can change abruptly in response to external shocks. The recent COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent government policies induced several such interruptions in societies, while their digital observations opened up a natural laboratory to study their effects. Here we address how lockdown interventions lead to the reorganization of socioeconomic segregation. We demonstrate that not all social groups could adapt equally to the emergency situation, suggesting socioeconomic status as an important determinant of people’s capacity to reflect to global emergencies. Our study find opposite reorganization patterns of segregation following different behavioral traits of the same people and highlight how emergency policies may induce unequal burden, potentially disadvantaging vulnerable communities.


Márton Karsai, PhD, Habil., Associate professor in the Department of Network and Data Science at the Central European University. He is a fellow of the ISI Foundation and scientific advisor of the UNICEF Innovation Office. He is a physicist trained network scientist with research interest in human dynamics, computational social science, and data science, especially focusing on systems with heterogeneous dynamics, spatial and temporal networks, socioeconomic systems and social and biological contagion phenomena. He has been the leader the data analytics team developing a national data collection framework on social responses to the COVID-19 crisis, as part of the Mathematical Epidemiology Workgroup advising the Government of Hungary.


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